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I'm Bilal Khan.

Software Engineer Open Source Contributor Content Creator

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I am a Backend Engineer and a Golang Developer. I'm also an AWS Community Builder and an Open Source Contributor. I also create technical content on YouTube and Hashnode.


I love teaching, caring about the community, and helping people. You can connect with me through my socials or send me an email.

  • Fullname: Bilal Khan
  • Timezone: UTC+5
  • Job: Backend Engineer, Go Developer
  • Website: https://ibilalkayy.com
  • Email: [email protected]


I'm skilled in programming, database management, and cloud solutions. I also handle web development tasks and can set up and script systems effectively.

  • Languages | Go, Rust
  • DBs | MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres
  • Cloud | AWS, Docker, Linux
  • APIs | RestFul, GraphQL, Postman
  • Config | YAML, Ansible, Terraform

More of my credentials.

Below, you'll find a showcase of my work experience, reflecting my expertise in software development, database management, cloud deployments, and web integration.

Work Experience


July 2024 - Present


Roamer is a place where I build open-source projects that focuses on solving actual problems and making money from them.

Tech Stack: Rust, Go, Postgres, AWS, Redis.

Software Engineer Intern

June 2024 - July 2024


GoMarkho provides solutions that focus on the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

I worked by designing the Go APIs and learned about Echo Framework and its usage.

Tech Stack: Go, MongoDB, Redis, AWS.

Technical Writer

Aug 2022 - Present


Produced educational and technical content showcasing the step-by-step process of Golang, Databases & DevOps. The purpose of blogging is to enhance the skills of the readers and provide value.

With more than 150 followers, I got 10k+ views & they are continuously growing.

Technical Instructor

Dec 2020 - Present


Produced content showcasing tutorials about Web and CLI development, Cloud and DevOps by making projects of them. The goal is to provide guidance and solve the technical issues that the viewers face.

With over 2000+ subscribers, I got 45k+ views on my videos and they are still growing every day.

Community Involvement

Community Builder

Feb 2023 - Present

Amazon Web Services

The AWS Community Builders program provides technical enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders with a platform to showcase their expertise and build a reputation in the technical community.

This program has offered me a range of technical resources, including access to AWS training and certification resources, exclusive access to AWS beta programs, and early access to AWS product launches.

DoK Explorer

Jan - Apr 2023

Data on Kubernetes Community

Participated in DoKC discussions and meetings to share knowledge on running data workloads on Kubernetes. Contributed to developing best practices and patterns for data workloads on Kubernetes.

Experimented with tools and technologies to find optimal solutions for running data on Kubernetes. Here is the completion certificate.


High School

Apr 2014 - Sept 2017

Punjab Group of Colleges

Completed my high school in computer science and got 523/1100 marks in all the subjects(computer science, physics, chemistry, english, etc) combined which becomes 47%

Got Grade D in the final exam and here is the result card copy.


Check Out Some of My Projects.

Below you will see some of my projects that I have completed. They are relevant to the Backend, Cloud, and DevOps and they all are open source. You can checkout the details of them.


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I'd Love To Hear From You.

If you want to hire me or have any questions regarding the backend technology or want to get mentorship from me then you can contact me through my email or any social links.

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Loralai, 84800
Balochistan, Pakistan

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